Welcome to The House of Hazel. The House of Hazel is my life. My life is a wife and mom of a teen and tween with a little drama thrown into the mix.


I attempted blogging once before in 2009 after I watched the movie Julie and Julia.  Then I remembered I have no idea how to blog, nor do I like to cook.  Blogging was a bust.

Why blog now?  For the past 6 years, I have dedicated myself to my career and girls. I cut myself off from friends, neighbors and my husband. At the end of each day I had nothing left to give and so I would lock myself up in my bedroom with my IPad and watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  If I am going to share my life and my truths, then I need writing material. Therefore, I will be climbing out of my hermit hole and turning off the Housewives of Atlanta. I am sorry Nene Leakes but I am breaking up with you.


Photo Cred: Pinterest


I hope you enjoy my stories, style and inspiration as much as I love sharing my life.

As always, Mahalo

Melissa Gayle

*NeNe Leakes picture courtesy of


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