Snow Day= Organization

I had every intention of shopping and going to lunch with friends yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to snow and school had been cancelled. I decided to not brave the cold weather and save my money instead. I will say that I have been putting off organizing school papers since September, call me a procrastinator. The first place I needed to start was the kitchen.  

Our kitchen bar is filled with paperwork.  If your family is like ours you start accumulating school papers at the start of the school year. We have art projects, study guides, graded papers how to get into college workbooks and list goes on and on and they are all lined up in piles on my kitchen bar.   


I hate to throw away the papers but I also do not want my neighbors to sign us up for the show Hoarders.  So I did what any neurotic OCD mom would do; organize a space for the girls to place these ever so important papers. Thankfully, I already had these neat little plastic drawers from when I taught high school.  


I have recently seen these inexpensive drawers at Walmart.

I dusted them off and put them to use.  15 minutes later, we had papers organized and a perfect solution to our disorganized kitchen.   



These little guys are nestled neatly on a bookshelf in our office


Nice and Clean Kitchen Success

What did you do over the President’s Day weekend?

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Happy Organizing,

Melissa Gayle

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