Meet my Littles

If you are going to roll with me then you need to know my main peeps. 

Meet Lucy and Delilah. 

Yes, I am one of those moms who brag about their kids.  These two chicks are my pride and joy.  It would be a crying shame to keep them all to myself without sharing their crazy antics.  


Lucy came to us by way of luck and I will leave at that. I honestly wanted to jump off a bridge when I found out I was pregnant but as luck would have it my sister in law talked me down off a ledge (figuratively). 

Lucy’s likes are giving out daily Kung Fu Panda kicks when you least expect it, playing field hockey and Chick- Fil -A.  Her dislikes are homework, people who sit in her spot on the couch and anything that I cook.  Lucy is full of wild, outlandish stories filled with melodrama. She truly is a gift from God. I promise she will not disappoint in the humor department.  



Delilah was God’s gift to me when I was in a dark place in my life. I had lost my Dad a year earlier, I may write about Pat (my father) but for now I am not in a place where I can do so without crying.  I had Delilah when I was 24 (which to me, is young) and, she went with me everywhere.  She was a great baby. 

Delilah’s current likes are driving (she is a new driver, yikes!), listening to music, taking pictures of sunsets and learning to cook (since I don’t).  Delilah’s dislikes are Lucy’s unannounced visits to her room to karate chop her, people who talk a lot (I am not sure how we have made it work all these years because I love to talk) and cleaning her room.   Delilah will also be a guest photographer for the blog. 



I hope you enjoy briefly meeting my greatest pride and joys.  I would love to hear about your family dynamic, so be sure to leave a comment. 

As always, 

Melissa Gayle

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