Very Jane

Around the age of 17 I vividly remember shopping with friends and witnessing a child throw herself down on the ground. She was throwing the biggest temper tantrum that I have ever seen at that time.  The girl’s mom just kept shopping. I have to admit at that very moment I said, I am never having kids. I could not understand why that girl’s mom did not put her child in check until I became that mom.

Fast forward to a few years ago.

Picture it, the weekend before school starts, people are out in full force shopping.  We spent an entire Saturday shopping for classroom supplies and fall clothes.  Our last stop was the shoe store.  We had not planned to stop here until I got a wild hair that Lucy needed a pair of Sperry’s.   Lucy hates to shop so much that she will fake a sickness or tell us she is going to puke. Quite frankly she can puke on demand, and it is a site to see. At one time we thought maybe she would have a career in horror films, but  I digress.   We never know if she is really sick or sick of being out. This particular day, Lucy had her fill of shopping.  She did not want Sperry’s or any other pair of shoes.  Every pair she tried on Lucy hated.  The excuse was shoe was too tight, the lines in her sock made the shoes slip or she hated the feel of the string.  Lucy was lying on the floor crying, Clint was pacing the floor yelling let’s go, and I am walking around trying to find a pair of Sperry’s that Lucy liked.   Yup, I was that mom just ignoring the fact that my daughter does not like to shop.  After this day I started to shop online.

Let me introduce you to Jane.  A mutual friend introduced me to Jane after she heard I was starting to shop online.  I have to say everyone should have Jane in their life.    Jane is an online boutique, featuring a variety of items that last for 48-72 hours. You see new items every day.  The best part is Jane offers a FREE membership.  If you are browsing through Jane let me give you a hint.  if you find a deal you like, then I would  purchase it right away because, the item(s) may be sold out if you wait too long.

The items I have ordered from Jane have been A-Mazing.  Here a few pieces that I have ordered recently.



Let me know if you have additional questions on the outfits.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle


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