My Ride or Die

clint andi

I am ready for you to meet Clint.  Clint and I met teaching. Clint is still teaching and a good one at that. We have been married for almost 12 years but together for not quite 14.  Clint is my ride or die husband.  When I refer to him in that manner I mean if I come home with some crazy outlandish idea he never tells me no.  For instance, I came home begging him to buy me an Ice Cream shop.  Yes, me, the same girl who doesn’t like cooking nor do I like scooping.  It seems very sticky. Clint’s response to my ice cream idea was “ok, let’s go meet with the realtor.”  Or the time I begged him to put in a in-ground pool. He put in the pool and then I sold that house a month later. Clint will stick with me in any situation.  He may not agree with me but you would never know that.  For this I love him more than anything.

Clint’s likes are traveling, anything drama (he is a drama teacher), fishing and the NC Tarheels (although I don’t know why- I am a Wahoo girl myself).  His dislikes are buying me ice cream shops, reading books (sound like anyone I mentioned earlier named Lucy) and math. I guess that is why we have gotten along marvelously all these years. I am numbers and he is dramatics. Clint, like Lucy, makes me laugh every day.   

clintfish                                            clintandgirls


Lucy says, “Laughter doesn’t pay the bills and she will be looking for a rich husband not a funny one”.   

None the less, welcome Clint and give him a little shout out just so he doesn’t feel left out.

As Always,


Melissa Gayle


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