Alexander-Mexican Standoff


A mom in any standoff should arm herself with Wonder Woman pj’s.

A typical morning routine always involves Lucy and me in a battle of wills and wits.  I call it my daily and all major holidays, Alexander Mexican standoff.  Our standoff begins at the breakfast table. We argue over things like food demands, brushing her teeth (I know how dare me), brushing her hair because she is not Rastafarian, or just simply getting out of the bed for school.  Some mornings she wins with me throwing my hands in the air as I go running off saying, “go to school looking like Pigpen.”  I win the battles most mornings as long as I have my two cups of coffee. Just as a side note, my coffee habit did not start until after I had Lucy.  This morning like all other mornings, the battle began but I lost.  I was left with the thought of where did we go wrong with this kid?


While scrolling through Yahoo news trying to find parenting advice, ok, I lie I was reading up on Kanye West’s debt crisis; I found an interesting research article tying disagreeable personality trait with successful adults. The research is modeled after Bill Gates.  Research suggest that beyond IQ, parents’ socioeconomic status and the amount of education the students attained, rule breaking and defiance of parental authority was the highest predictor of higher income adult.   That is when it hit me, maybe Lucy is preparing herself for a successful career as a litigator, Dr., or the next President. Hey, a Mom can dream.

Paint Night 14 005

Of course we cannot allow Lucy to run the house as she sees fit.  As a parent where do you draw the line in the sand allowing your child to be this larger than life defiant personality and keeping order in your house?   I will say for us, we have to leave the room and take a few yoga breaths.  We try to give Lucy space to be Lucy.  That may mean I have to listen to a lot of Bob Marley with a glass of wine but she is happy.   I hope one day she will fondly look back on our standoffs as a way we tried to prepare her for the future and to make sure she did not have cavities.

What are your morning routines?  If you have a successful way to manage your standoffs I am all ears and would love suggestions.

As always,

Melissa Gayle

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