Super Soul Sunday

Happy Super Soul Sunday (said like the late Don Cornelius of Soul Train) I don’t know about you, but when I work out I love listening to music with a good beat.  When I was younger I thought maybe I could give J Lo a run for her money and be the next Fly Girl, but that didn’t pan out, so I saved all my great moves for the gym.  I like music that will get me through those tough workouts, housecleaning or at least gets me ready to go out to the club.

Currently, my top ten go to work out songs are:

  rihanna-work-thatgrapejuice Rihanna- “Work” – I have a saying when I go to the gym.  It is DW time- Do Work.  This song helps prepare my mind for a great workout.

  cake DNCE- “Cake by the Ocean” – I love cake and this song just helps me to work out even harder so I can enjoy a scrumptious piece of red velvet cake. My husband does remind me that this song does not mean real cake but whatever, it has a good beat.

  West  Kanye West- “Stonger”- I will say this little cutie loves running to this song.

  NoDig  Blackstreet- “No Diggity”- Hello, it is a 90’s song, no doubt.

  Humpty  Digital Underground- “Humpty Dance”- How could you not like getting down in a Burger King bathroom?  Doesn’t everyone?

  nerd  N.E.R.D- “Everyone Nose”- Not everyone knows, this band is, amazing, filled with funk, rock and hip hop that can push anyone through a long run.

  Foo  Foo Fighters-“Best of You”- I am a product of the 90’s and this band carried on the Nirvana legend for no reason other than that I put them on the play list.

  LP  Linkin Park- “Burn It Down”- I have no reason as to why this song is one of my top 10 other than I just like the band and the song.

  Flo  Flo Rida- “GDFR”- I have to admit I just realized this singer’s name stands for the state of Florida.  Now that I have admitted to being a moron, I can tell you no matter where Tramar Dillard is from I adore his music.

  brunomars  Bruno Mars- “Uptown Funk”- I have saved my most favorite for last.  Bruno Mars is not only from Hawaii, my favorite place on earth, but he also has a great mix of old and new making this song my ultimate favorite workout song.

Now that I have shared my favorite top ten workout songs; what is on your top 10 playlist?

As Always,

Melissa Gayle




2 thoughts on “Super Soul Sunday

  1. OMG. I love your play list. Have you seen the videos for “Work?” Steamy! She also performed it at the BRIT awards and it was sooooo good. Love it!


    • thehouseofhazel says:

      Yes, I have seen the video and it was a heart racer for sure. Thanks again for following. I look forward to reading more of your fun posts.


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