What’s For Dinner?

Years ago at our house dinner time was time set aside as our family catch up time.  It was a time for us to find out what happened with the girls during the school day and eat a delish meal. Probably a frozen dinner, but a meal nonetheless.  After those frozen meals had worn out their welcome and our schedules got busier, we hit the dreaded question: “what are we having for dinner tonight?”  Clint and I would respond with “we don’t even know if we are going to make it through the day.”  While I know that may sound a tad morbid, it’s the truth.  We hadn’t thought about our day, much less what our dinner plans were.  As you know I am no June Cleaver, so making a three course meal was out of the question.


Pinterest has been a saving grace for meal organization.  When I signed up with Pinterest I went into a Pin coma. I was pinning stuff I would probably never make in my everyday life, but boy those food blog pictures looked good.  What I love about Pinterest for meal planning is you can pick meals that are quick, easy or a bit on the time consuming side.  I also love, love, love that you have the grocery list right in front of you, thus making food shopping and meal planning easy.  The meal planning has also saved on our grocery bills each month.  I have hard time throwing away money on food.  Let’s think about it: why spend money on something that is going to end up in the toilet (eventually)?


Here is a similar board

I picked up a white board calendar from Target.  The calendar is hung with care in our kitchen so everyone knows “What’s for Dinner”.   I realize this may sound a bit OCD but quite frankly it works for our family and keeps us on track.

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest.  I am always pinning new meals.


Happy Food Planning,

Melissa Gayle

I want to give a huge shout to my dear friend Leslie.  She took the time out of her morning to read over my post and check for grammatical errors.  Thank you Leslie.  


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