Water & Orientation

The assignment task for today is to post a picture(s) about water.  “How has water saved or defeated us.  How does water remind us of family vacations, outdoor adventures or summers of childhood.”

Not very many people know this about me, but I came close to meeting God at the age of 7. I fell in a pond and did not know how to swim. Sometimes to give my friend a hard time I make fun, and tell people she pushed me. I can still remember how scared I was bobbing up and down in the water. Frantically I yelled, with what breath,I had left, for my friend to go get help. The feel of mush under my feet as I hit the bottom of the pond is a memory I would love to get rid of.  After that day my parents signed me up for swim lessons. I went on to join a swim team (thus why I have linebacker shoulders) and became a pretty good swimmer. Instead of water becoming my demon it became my friend.  Currently, God has placed our family in a neighborhood where we live by the beach.  On a nice evening I will stroll down to the dock to sit and listen to the tide roll in and out.  There is a calmness that water brings to my day.  

I have so many water pictures to share.  Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day for me post all those pictures.  I picked out one that I hope fit the criteria of a water scene with a background, foreground, and a focal point within.  If I missed the mark please let me know.  


As Always,

Melissa Gayle

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