Easter- 1980’s Edition

I have to confess; I am a mom who goes shopping for Easter basket items the Saturday evening before Easter. One year I attempted to go shopping weeks in advance, I hid the candy in my car and it was a hot month.  You can do the math; the girls’ chocolate bunnies were a puddle of what looked like poo.  I honestly thought this year would be the year we stopped Easter baskets. Sadly, no, Lucy reminded me that Easter was Sunday. In recent years, Easter basket items have not just been about candy.  Lucy and Delilah give request items like shoes, clothing, electronics and all sorts of large ticket items.  When did Easter turn into Christmas?

(Side note funny: Lucy figured out the Easter bunny was not real years ago. She told us it was physically impossible for a guy in a bunny suite to hop around to everyone’s house. He would wear himself out before he got through one neighborhood. )

Since the girls did not forget about Easter I started on my shopping list. While writing down all the items I needed to buy, I began to think about my childhood Easters. I remember very large basket (it was actually my parents’ picnic basket but they never picnicked) with lots of plastic eggs filled with jellybeans, peeps (because hello, marshmallow birds just scream the meaning of Easter), cadbury creme eggs, big and small chocolate bunnies.   My sister and I always got a new Easter dress to wear to church, we attended a sunrise service and the rest of our day was spent with family.


See I told you I had a large Easter basket

This Easter instead of sharing my girls’ sparse Easter baskets I thought I would take you back to the 1980’s.  A decade where Easter baskets were filled with candy.


My sister and I: She will probably get me back for posting this picture



Me, My Dad and Sister: My Dad was dressed and ready to roll. My mom knows I hate blazers I don’t know why she bought me this Easter suit. 



My sister (trying to run), my mom and me: Yes, I picked out the floppy hat. 


I would love to hear about your favorite Easter memories so please make sure to comment.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle

6 thoughts on “Easter- 1980’s Edition

  1. I don’t have any photos, but I remember always coloring eggs. My mom would get 12 dozen eggs and we would color all of those eggs. Then we would make up small plates with eggs and candy to give to friends and family. It was fun coloring the eggs and spending time with my mom. Of course we would always go to midnight Easter service. Now I reflect on the sacrifice Jesus provided for all of us…Salvation. I try to be a good person, practicing forgiveness, patience and love. Hope you have a blessed Easter. I love your 1980’s Edition. Thank you for sharing. Love and hugs.


  2. Flora says:

    My Easter baskets as a child were very similar to yours. We always had peeps and 1 hollow chocolate bunny and a few odds and ends candy. We also go an Easter outfit to wear. My children all believe in the Easter bunny…well LuciAnn plays along for her brothers sake. I carry on the same tradition from my childhood…only adding a tiny figurine for each of them. Boys got a 2″ Spider-Man and LuciAnn got a LPS. Thanks for sharing your special Easter memories. I enjoyed them;)


    • thehouseofhazel says:

      I tried to carry on the same tradition for both girls. Over the years they have told me they don’t like candy, thus the requests for big ticket items. Thanks for sharing your Easter traditions. XO


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