How To Celebrate Mom & Pop Day

It is National Mom & Pop Day!  You maybe asking yourself, what is Mom & Pop day? I am referring to locally/privately owned businesses in your community. These small business owners are the staple to the American economy.

Here are several facts, if you did not know, about shopping locally.

  • For every $100.00 you spend at a local Mom & Pop, $68.00 stays in your community as compared to a big box retailer.
  • Mom & Pops’ have a sense of community and bringing better resources and funding to your community.
  • Locally owned businesses creates jobs. 77 million Americans are employed by small local businesses.

I am a smidge biased when it comes to celebrating this day because, at one time, both of parents were small business owners. I remember my parents putting in countless hours, time and energy to live the American dream of becoming an Entrepreneur.

I know this may come across as somewhat hypocritical after blogging about my recent shopping experiences. Yes, I do like going to Target, Trunk Club and Costco. When given the time, without Lucy in tow,  I do try to shop in my community.

In honor of this day I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things that I have purchased from a locally owned business in my community.

Gold Bracelet// Silver Virginia Bracelet

shop local, spring clean and fitness 017

I wear these bracelets everyday.  They are a constant in my wardrobe.

Doormat can be found here

shop local, spring clean and fitness 015

My new spring doormat found here

One of my favorite local vendors is Flora’s Crafty Creations.  She makes the most amazing gifts.


shop local, spring clean and fitness 016

We love our produce stand that is located in town.  Fresh food and great prices.  I do not know why Clint looks evil but it is hilarious.

What can you do to observe and honor this day? Go out support a privately owned small business and use #Mom&PopBusinessOwnersDay

Make sure to send me your shopping locally photos, or tag me in your posts.  I am excited to see your favorite local places.  If you are Instagram: come follow me at thehouseofhazel

As Always,

Melissa Gayle

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