Open Letter To My Tween


Happy Birthday my little Lou! Where has the time gone?  You were almost an April fool’s baby but you fooled us and let me stay in labor another 24 hours.  That was so kind of you.  You’re Dad and I realize that maybe you feel a lot older than you are, like 20, but please try to enjoy these tween years. We understand that you feel like you are old enough to be on your own but yet you still want to play Barbie’s.  Hey, we get it.

Here are few things we want you to keep in mind as you begin your journey to tween town:



Keep your determination: There has never been a doubt in my mind that you were going places in life.  You are one of the most determined young women I know.  When people tell you “no”, you use that as a starting point to negotiate your way.  Sometimes, the argument continues on for days but you stick to your guns.

Just remember, when arguing with your Dad and I, we run the house like a dictatorship. Our house is not a democracy. You may want to save your arguments for those you can win. (Just a suggestion.)

Paint Night 14 005


Continue your creative edge: you are one of the most creative little ones I know.  Your art work has been hung in local galleries and all around our home.  We are so proud of your out of the box thinking.  There are so many people who would love to have your creative edge.  Being creative does not make you a nerd or weird it makes you unique and lively.








Remember that you do not have to follow the crowd:  You are very unique and there is no one quite like you.  For instance, when you got into running and decided to start a running club.  Little did we know, until afterwards, you were charging kids for running.  You deserve props for starting a club that was healthy and positive.  Just next time do not extort money from other kids, but way to be an Entrepreneur!







Be a good sport.  As you get older your parks and recreational sports are going to turn into activities that you can play in school and hopefully in college.  Always congratulate your teammates on a job well done, always be team supporter.  Please do throw your field hockey stick off into the stands when the game does not go your way.  Your teammates do not need a John McEnroe on their team.  (We are not confirming or denying that this happened)







Let me point I would cry to if I were in a NC Tarheels outfit. Just saying


Embrace your looks, pimples and all. It is what is on the inside that matters.   No matter how you dress, you do need to remember to shower, put on deodorant and brush your teeth. (That is just simple rules of courtesy to others)


D & Lou



Lastly, to make your ride through tween town as smooth as possible, always remember you are entitled the following:

  • Room over your head until you are 18;
  • Food to eat (that does not mean McDees or Chick- Fil-A every evening)
  • Education.

I think that about covers what you are entitled to receive with your tween town membership.  All other things like: a cell phone, TV, money, sleepovers, gourmet meals, a car when you turn 16 and free handouts are not covered.  We also reserve the right at any time to add in other items under the no entitlement law.

You’re Dad and I have been through tween town.  We know how difficult life can be.  I would consider this knowledge a gift not a crappy birthday card.

We love you behind measure.  Here is to the next 11 years of your life.


Mom & Dad

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