Stitch Fix Review # 2 – April 2016

After the last Fix I was not super stoked about getting my April Fix. I was beginning to think Stitch Fix was not for me. I quickly  changed my tune as soon as I opened up my April Fix box.  I got a new stylist this month and Kimberly, my Stylist, just got me.  This is my favorite Stitch Fix to date.

Spring Time 16 024

If you are a Stitch Fix newbie here is how it works:

  •  Sign up via the app or go directly to the Stitch Fix site on your desktop.
  •   I completed a style quiz and answered detailed information like my size, height, occupation, how often I dress up for events and my favorite brands of clothing. To complete my style profile, I uploaded my Pinterest board Fashionista.
  •  I scheduled the Stitch Fix box to arrive based on my time frame. I am currently signed up to receive a Stitch Fix box monthly.  You can sign up to receive a box yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly.  It is all based on your preference.

Cost of Stitch Fix

  • There is an initial $20.00 styling fee. The $20.00 is applied to purchase.
  • If you do not keep any of your Stitch Fix pieces you will not be refunded your $20.00.
  • Shipping is FREE. My favorite four letter word.

Sadly, I really wanted to keep all 5 of my items, but I did not need anymore casual shirts. I sent back two items.

Let’s start with the two pieces I sent back.  I am kicking myself for sending them back.

Collective Concepts//Korie Tie Neck Blouse (coral)- I love the coral color on me.  Coral is one of my favorite spring/summer colors to wear. The shirt was light, lose and a perfect choice for cool spring day. I was not super excited about the tie string, but it was not a deal breaker.  I did not think this top would compliment my day job, and therefore I sent it back.

RD Style// Diggory Button Down Top (plaid)- If I tell you this once I will tell you again, I am a product of the 90’s therefore anything plaid was an essential in my closet. Along with Doc Martens  I actually loved the feel this shirt.  It was soft and lightweight.  Honestly, I really just liked how the shirt made my arms look. None the less, it was not a shirt I could wear to work so I sent it back.  I have regretted that decision ever since I sent it back.

Pixley//Priya Diamond Printed Knit Back Tank- This shirt is blue, aqua and I can wear it to work; enough said.  This was a capital KEEP as soon as I tried it on.  I love how I can wear this work and on the weekends.  A perfect fit for me.

Lila Ryan//Liara Straight Leg Jeans- I have secretly been coveting white jeans for months.  I have pinned outfits with white jeans just in case I get a pair.  These jeans fit like a glove.  They are soft and going to be worn a lot.  I can not wear these to work, but who cares I have wanted a pair for months now.

Just a side note funny I just realized Clint, my husband, did not edit out our flying pig on our porch. Sorry, for that side note, it just made me laugh (the pig that is)



Le Lis//Cecilia Zipper Detail Aline Skirt- If I could buy this skirt in multiple colors, I would. The fit is awesome. It hides my crazy wide hips  The material is excellent. A perfect skirt for Spring/Summer.

Stitch Fix number 2 is a winner/winner chicken dinner.  Thanks again to Kimberly for styling me this April.  She did an amazing job.

What item(s) would you have kept or sent back?  I can not wait to read your reviews.


As Always,

Melissa Gayle

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