Lucy’s Favorite Weekend Wear

The girls have watched me blog about new clothes with Trunk Club and Stitch Fix and are now wanting to get in on the action.  Sadly, there are not a lot of kids styling companies, and so they get me. I shall be styling them from the likes of Target, TJ Maxx and the like.  In good fun I am going to let the girls post from time to time on their favorite outfits.

Lucy took Spring Break to clean out closets, and shop for newer clothes. Surprisingly, she had a great time shopping although she starts to turn on me after two hours.

Thankfully, when it comes to shopping, Delilah has and is easy-going.  She likes for me to give her advice on clothing, and she likes to go shopping. Delilah has great taste when it comes to picking out clothes for her shape.  By that I mean, I have seen some teens dress like they are about to hit the club. While that may work for some it does not work for Delilah nor does it work for Delilah’s parents.

This past Saturday ended up being kind of lazy day for the girls.  Under normal circumstances, Lucy would be the one who lays around in pajamas all day.  Not this weekend. Lucy got dressed and was ready for pictures of her favorite weekend wear.  Delilah, however, decided to lay around in her pajamas and she had to go to work. I did not think you would find her in her work uniform something to write about.  Her work uniform consists of jeans and a work T-shirt (which has BBQ stains because she works at a BBQ joint). So for those reasons we are just featuring Lucy this weekend.

Here are Lucy’s favorite outfits.  Both of Lucy’s outfits were under $40.00.




Plaid Shirt//Marshall’s (similar shirt)

Jeggings//Target  (similar)

Riding Boots//Target (similar here)










Lucy told me she was going for a “cowboy look”.  I think did a great job without looking too Mary-Ann(ish) from Gilligan’s Island.


Jumpsuit//Target (exact one here) On sale using the Cartwheel app

Wedges//Michael Kors (similar to Lucy’s)- Purchased at Marshall’s on sale

Lucy says this is her disco outfit.  She is so crazy, she actually did a John Travolta impression in our living room before heading out to church in her new jumpsuit. Lucy loves this outfit because it is comfortable and fun. She says, she is all about fun.

Show Lucy some love, and let her know what you think of her outfit choices.  She actually reads the comments.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle and Lucy (this week)


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