The Mermaid Factory

This year Spring break was a bit of a dud weather wise.  Typically, we are well into the 70’s and starting to hit the beach.  This year, we were still in the 40’s and 50’s, and that kept us in the house.  Instead of wasting away our entire Spring Break on the couch Lucy and I decided to hit the beach just not in the way you make think.

If you live near or plan to visit Norfolk/Virginia Beach I would highly suggest going to visit the Mermaid Factory.  I not going to take up a lot of this post with words, but instead let the pictures do the talking.


VA Beach Location


Lucy is a crafty little girl and painting is right up her alley. 


Her hair is completed and she is ready to move on to the fin. 


Lucy’s finished product


My finished product. They give you these nifty little boxes to carry your marvelous mermaid in. 


If you are not into painting but want a little mermaid decor you can purchase a pre-painted mermaid. 


More cute beach decor for sale

If you do decide to go are my helpful hints:

  • Call the day before you go to make a reservation
  • Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration
  • Allow yourself time.  It took Lucy and I from start to finish two hours.

We had so much fun we are ready to go back and paint again.   If you have visited the Mermaid Factory I would love to hear your feedback. If you have not visited the Mermaid Factory did the pictures entice you to think about visiting?

As Always,

Melissa Gayle


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