Trunk Club Review #2- Part 1

This is my second trunk, and Kelsey hit it out of the park.  I specifically asked for summer work clothes.  This Trunk Club review is going to be written in two parts because Kelsey sent me clothes for work and weekend. I did not think I would do Trunk Club or Kelsey justice by jamming my review of 15 pieces into one post.

Delilah and I thought a fun way to review the weekend wear would be to do a “who wore it best” segment, Trunk Club style.

Before I start in on my review:  here is a little bit about Trunk Club, in case you are not familiar:

You need to sign up via app or desktop. Immediately you will be asked a list of style questions that involve your size and favorite brands.  Once you have answered the style questions, presto’ your profile is created, and your stylist is contacting you.  Kelsey, my stylist, asked me about my likes/dislikes on certain brands and my price range. I also sent her my Pinterest board, Fashionista, and from there I let her work her magic.

Within five business days, my trunk arrived.   My most favorite part is Trunk Club does not charge a styling or shipping fees.  You have ten days to try on your clothes, and decide what you want to keep.  You honestly lose nothing by trying it out.

Now on to fun part: let’s get started on the trunk.

This trunk included 15 items along with a personalized note from Kelsey.


 Nic Zoe//Summer Fling Skirt-

Delilah styled the skirt with a Pleione split neck top.  I decided to style the skirt with a Banana Republic tank and wide brown belt for waist definition. The skirt is A-Line and super comfortable to wear. I originally though the skirt was a knit material, but I was wrong it is cotton.  Delilah and I though this skirt would be perfect for the beach or just a fun dinner outing.

 Pleione//Split Neck Top-

As soon as Delilah put on the top she thought the same thing I did. This top is so soft.  It is a lightweight top that could go with dress pants, jeans, shorts or the Nic Zoe skirt.  Delilah did not like the deep V split neck. The split neck did not bother me as much.  I love how versatile this top can be.  You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion.


Burberry Brit//Check Trim Tee & Blank NYC//Hotel Distressed Skinny Jeans-  

Delilah and I both agreed we loved the jeans.  They were so comfortable, and felt great on. However, it is getting hot and humid here in the Mid-Atlantic.  Therefore, no one wants to wear jeans unless they have to.

We also both agreed while the Burberry Brit is just a tee made out of stretch cotton it feels amazing on. This shirt does not feel like a typical cotton t-shirt. It is so soft and it has the signature Burberry cuff to add a little extra pizzazz to a ordinary t-shirt. This T does hug your body so there is no room for breathing. 🙂

NYDJ- Print Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse

With this shirt being sleeveless, a cute design and versatile I would say this shirt is a winner. This shirt is made out of 100 percent polyester and felt great on. I felt like this shirt was more of a jeans shirt due to the length. With that said, Delilah could get away with wearing this shirt with a cute pair of shorts. Delilah did not care for the pattern as much as I did.

Joie- Casita Cotton Lace Tunic

I  did not care for this particular top, because it was see through. You would most definitely have to wear a tank underneath it. This shirt is comfortable, and would be great for a evening boat ride. Delilah did like this shirt because “it is lose and flowy.”  I will say I was out shopping over the weekend and ran into TJ Maxx, yes I am a maxinsta  and this type of shirt is the go to for the summer.  TJ had these shirts everywhere.  I would say if you like staying on top of trends I would highly suggest getting the lace tunic.

Vince//Sleeveless Stripe Poplin Top

I am not sure what the difference in cotton is between Burberry and Vince, but the cotton in this shirt is stiff. This shirt does not feel good to wear. I liked the length of the shirt. I liked the split box pleat on the side.  Other than that, I was not 100 percent impressed with the shirt because of the feel. Delilah, said that it looked like a, “mom shirt” thus she would not be wearing it. She also did not care for the feel of the shirt.

This concludes the weekend wear review for Trunk Club #2.  Let us know who wore it better.

Stay tuned for my part two of this trunk.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle & Delilah

2 thoughts on “Trunk Club Review #2- Part 1

    • thehouseofhazel says:

      Hi Kerri, thank for sharing the first post. I really appreciate that. I am working on figuring out how to share my part two with you via FB. So forgive me if it takes me some time. I am really good at Insta and Pin but not good with FB. 😄 Thank you again for sharing and reading.


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