Trunk Club Review #2- Corporate Clothing

Per my earlier post from Tuesday, I received my second trunk. My stylist Kelsey did a great job of picking out clothes.  Before Kelsey sent me the trunk I specifically asked her to send me summer work clothes.

I did not think I would do Trunk Club or Kelsey justice by jamming my review of 15 pieces into one post. This post is a review the corporate clothes she sent.

Before I start in on my review: here is a bit about Trunk Club:

You need to sign up via app or desktop. Immediately you will be asked a list of style questions that involve your size and favorite brands.  Once you have answered the style questions, presto’ your profile is created, and your stylist is contacting you.  Kelsey, my stylist, asked me about my likes/dislikes on certain brands and my price range. I also sent her my Pinterest board, Fashionista, and from there I let her work her magic.

Within five business days, my trunk arrived.   My most favorite part is Trunk Club does not charge a styling or shipping fees.  You have ten days to try on your clothes, and decide what you want to keep.  You honestly lose nothing by trying it out.

 Theory//Jatinn K Short Sleeve Sheath Dress

Before we get into the specifics about the dress, clearly this picture is not me.  No, I did not lose 500 lbs, nor did I Photoshop myself.  Unfortunately, this was my favorite dress out of the entire box, but it had a large gaping hole in the seam. I did not want to try it on in fear I would rip it more.  This dress just screams Jackie O, and I am a sucker for a first lady type of dress.


Ivanka Trump//Hera Sandal

This shoe is as beautiful in person as in the picture.  I am not one to pay a lot of money for heels.  Now tennis shoes I will pay big bucks for, but heels are a different story. The heels retail for $148.00.  Therefore I did not even try them on.  I did not want to try them on, fall in love and then hate myself for buying them.  I would also hate to tell Lucy and Delilah, “I am sorry we can not eat this week, but look at your mom’s beautiful heels”.

HouseofHazeldining 006

 Eliza J//Embroidered Jacquard Sheath Dress

I have wanted a yellow dress, and Kelsey read my mind.  I love this dress, and it also looks like a first lady type of dress.  This dress is perfect for my day job.  The material is light and breathable. This is most definitely a dress I said, “yes” to.

HouseofHazeldining 008

Eliza J//Crepe Sheath Dress

Eliza J’s hot pink number is a head turner for sure.  I love the V neck and zip up back. I really did not care for the length.  Sadly, for Trunk Club, when I was out shopping at TJ Maxx I found a dress almost identical.  The dress I found is a Calvin Klein retails at $39.99 vs. Eliza J at $148.00.

HouseofHazeldining 010

Adrianna Papell//Print Cotton Faille Sheath Dress

This dress is beautiful on, but that is as far as it goes.  This dress did not even feel great to wear just out on my deck to take this picture. The cotton material is not soft but  stiff instead. I did like the V neck and it would be a great dress for the office if the material was not so stiff.

That does it for my Trunk Club #2- Corporate Review. What dress is your favorite?

I have to give props to Kelsey as she always does such an amazing job styling me.  I think she does a great job at breaking me out of my routine of just wearing black and white.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle

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