Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

Yikes, time is flying by, and May is almost over.  I have been super busy with work and kiddos.  I know, excuses, excuses… Anyhow, I can not let May go by without my May’s Stitch Fix review.  Again this month, I loved all the pieces, my stylist, Kimberly picked out for me.  She is really doing a great job.

If you are a Stitch Fix newbie here is how it works:

  •  Sign up via the app or go directly to the Stitch Fix siteon your desktop.
  •   I completed a style quiz and answered detailed information like my size, height, occupation, how often I dress up for events and my favorite brands of clothing. To complete my style profile, I uploaded myPinterest board Fashionista.
  •  I scheduled the Stitch Fix box to arrive based on my time frame. I am currently signed up to receive a Stitch Fix box monthly.  You can sign up to receive a box yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly.  It is all based on your preference.

Cost of Stitch Fix

  • There is an initial $20.00 styling fee. The $20.00 is applied to purchase.
  • If you do not keep any of your Stitch Fix pieces you will not be refunded your $20.00.
  • Shipping is FREE. My favorite four letter word.

Let’s get to it-

May 2016 003May 2016 001

Le Sample// Gloria Hi-Lo Blouse (above)- This tank is great for work or a weekend outing.  I knew this tank would look great with the white pants Kim sent me in a previous fix. Of course, I kept the blouse.

Margaret M//Emer Printed Straight Let Pant(above)- paired with the Gloria Hi-Lo Blouse, per Kimberly’s suggestion- the print is fun, the color is fun and over all I am a fun person so I kept the pants.

Fun2Fun//Walden V-Neck Blouse (below)- It is the perfect blouse for a skirt or jeans.  I love the small v-neck collar.  Again, I could not help myself so I kept this blouse.  On a side note I am not sure why I am pushing my chest out. What a weird pose.


Pixley//Panorama Henley Blouse (below)- I had to send something back, otherwise I would put us the poor house.  This blouse got sent back, not because I did not like it but, because it reminded me of a picnic table cloth.

Dolce Vita//Ross Suede Wedge (below) This was my first pair of Stitch Fix shoes.  I was  excited about getting the shoes.  After trying them on, I decided they were not a look for me or my feet. I just did not feel like I could pull that wedge look off.  Plus my husband doesn’t like me wearing anything that would make me taller than he is (which is anything other than a flat or flops).

May 2016 012


Since signing up with Stitch Fix and Trunk Club I am most certainly one overdressed mom on the field hockey sidelines. Who cares, I love all my new looks and styles.

Let me know what you think.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle


Lessons Learned From Co-Parenting

When my mentor in college had me write out future plans there was never another woman in that plan.  Life is not always what you plan for yourself.  Sometimes life turns out way better than the plan you wrote down for yourself years before.

Let me take you back 11 years ago.  The first time I saw Delilah’s step mom, Elisa, I immediately felt challenged.  She never spoke to me so there was not a war of words or even a side eye glance. Elisa was dressed to the nines, put together and looked like she could fill my shoes as Delilah’s mom with such ease and pose.  Then there was me; pregnant with Lucy, very hormonal and I just wanted to cry all the time for no apparent reason. That day set off an 8 year struggle of co-parenting.  During those 8 years, it felt like a competition, to me, of who was the best mom.  Now I like a good competition especially when it makes me a better person, but this competition never felt good.  I always felt worse.  Sadly, I felt worse for Delilah.  I knew there would be uphill challenges at every event, birthday party or anything that would involve Delilah and her Dad.  I had written Elisa off.  I had told her in not so many words she was air to me, and I would not be communicating with her when it came to Delilah.  I made it a Sheree, Atlanta Housewives, moment.


As a side note, kids are very intuitive and smart.  Let me just add Delilah is both.  She did use the tension and discourse to her advantage.  She played us.


3 years ago, the path changed courses.  See, Delilah had gotten into a dispute with a few friends, and the moms got involved.  Elisa went to bat for Delilah. I realized for the first time she had no intention of replacing me.  She had every intention of being Delilah’s biggest cheerleader, motivator, support guide and giving her a loving home to go to when Delilah was not with me.  Elisa and I both knew at this point if we were going to change our relationship we needed to treat each other like friends.  From that point on, we sat together at all of Delilah’s sporting events; we began to do things together outside of the interest of Delilah.

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We have nourished our co-parenting relationship.  When I asked Elisa what she enjoys best about co-parenting she says, “If we have a problem we address it right then. We can discuss ideas, concerns and issues in an adult manner with a mutual respect.  My relationship with Delilah has changed and improved since we’ve all come together, and Delilah knows we are actively talking with each other.  Are there hiccups along with way? Of course but that is to be expected.  No one is perfect but we just deal with those as they come along.”


For me, I can honestly say God gave me a friend that I can trust and lean on.  We both wished we would have been able to get along with day 1.  That would have made life so much easier.  Putting your differences aside for the sake of the child should be your number one goal.

If you are in the same position that we were once in we would encourage you to humble yourself and put away any side pettiness.  Your child is the one losing in the end.  Your relationship with your child’s Dad, Mom, Step-Mom or Step-Dad (whatever the case may be) does affect you, but more importantly it affects your child.

Let us know how your family dynamics work.  We would love to hear how you or a family member have gotten through difficult parenting situations.


As Always,

Melissa Gayle & Elisa

5 Lessons I’ve Learned From The Battlefield: Mom Life Lessons

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought it is only appropriate to give you lessons I have learned since taking on the role of a Mom. {I use the term Battlefield, humorously, in title because let’s face it being a Mom can be a blood sport. }

Life is not all about ME-  Honestly, before having kids, I was under the impression the world revolved around me.  I am not sure why that is, because my parents did not raise me that way.  In fact, that was a battle that was constantly fought in our house. Needless to say, as soon as I became a mom my focus changed, and life is about my littles who I lovingly call Delilah & Lucy. Being a mom is sometimes a thankless position, but honestly that is OK.  Knowing the girls are growing up as bright, kind and sweet young women makes all those bad mom days well worth it.

Make time for yourself -I know you are thinking I am talking out of both sides of my mouth.  Seriously, making time for myself has been a life saver. for Lucy anyways Whether that is 10 minutes to myself to read my daily devotion, making time to work out or just a little pampering these quiet moments in life are good for my soul.  Everyone deserves a little down time.


Photo Cred: Christina Barnum

It is OK not being your daughter’s BFF- When Delilah was 4 she said to me, “Mom you are my bestest friend.” I looked at her smiled and said, “while I would love to be your bestest friend, I cannot.”   I explained best friends get all the perks of doing fun stuff together, but they will never discipline. There will be times in life when I will have to discipline. Of course the conversation was more than those two sentences, but what Delilah did not know was it broke my heart to tell her this.  I wanted so badly to just say that sounds great, and treat her like my best friend.  I would hope that although I can not be their best friend; I can still be a Mom who will listen to them no matter what they are about to tell me.


Choose you’re Battles– Some parents live by this rule while others spin their wheels arguing over nothing.  When I was in middle school my mom and I would argue almost daily over my clothes.  I will never forgot my Dad saying, we have a new rule: let her wear what she wants and if kids make fun of her then let them and she will learn a lesson.  I think it probably got a rise out of my mom that I was smirking in the corner behind my Dad. Honestly, it was not about the clothes it was more about letting me be a independent thinker.  The lesson learned from that battle is you have to let your kids have some say so in their lives. I want to raise independent and self-sufficient thinkers.  By letting go not to sound like the movie Tangled of some of those battles you find your relationships improving and insuring a calm household.

Do not compare yourself to other moms- what works for your household may not work for my household.  It is easy to get sucked into comparing your mom skills to other moms. In the end all of us moms are in the same boat.  We are all trying to figure out how to make it through each day without letting our kids know we don’t really know what we are doing.  We are all on a wing and a prayer.

To my own mom (K.C.)- While I did not make parenting easy I sure made it fun and exciting. I will never be able to thank you enough for how amazing you were and are.  I love you more than I can write.

If you have Mom battlefield lessons please share. Maybe you have a favorite Mom/Daughter photo, I would love for you to share it.  I hope you all have an amazing Mother’s Day.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle


Inspirational Reads: My Go To Blogs

I get asked, often, why do I blog.  My first response is I started, because there is something therapeutic about sharing your life with others. Frankly, I would have never had the courage to take that leap had it not been for other great bloggers sharing their daily life with me.  I have gained knowledge, inspiration and wisdom by connecting with other bloggers.  Maybe by me sharing my life I will do the same for someone else.

I wanted to take today to say Thank You to my fellow bloggers.  Without their daily inspirations, posts and funnies my day would be drab.

These are my daily go to’s.  You should check them out. If you have a blog that you subscribe to I would love to check them out so send me the link.

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