Inspirational Reads: My Go To Blogs

I get asked, often, why do I blog.  My first response is I started, because there is something therapeutic about sharing your life with others. Frankly, I would have never had the courage to take that leap had it not been for other great bloggers sharing their daily life with me.  I have gained knowledge, inspiration and wisdom by connecting with other bloggers.  Maybe by me sharing my life I will do the same for someone else.

I wanted to take today to say Thank You to my fellow bloggers.  Without their daily inspirations, posts and funnies my day would be drab.

These are my daily go to’s.  You should check them out. If you have a blog that you subscribe to I would love to check them out so send me the link.

Living In Yellow

Mom, Miles and Mishaps

Life in Pearls and Sports Bra’s 

Petite Girls Need Clothes Too!

Olivia Rink

Holoholo Girls

The Sweetest Thing

Susan Body Renovations

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