Ode To Summer 16′

Disclaimer: this post is a hodgepodge of thoughts and summer activities.  It is hard to fit an entire summer of fun into one blog post.  I am also writing this laid up in bed with pneumonia.  The lack of O2 is not helping in the topic jumping.

Wow, where did summer go? Yes, I know it is not officially the end of summer but it feels as if the Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer.  Our summer involved lots of big accomplishments, road trips and sun. Lucy graduated 5th grade and has begun, as of today, her new middle school career.  Delilah is a “for real” driver now.  My eyes have finally stopped twitching from the stress.  I have worked on a revamp to The House of Hazel.  When I started The House of Hazel it was to share in my experiences as a mom and wannabe fashion icon.  Lucy and Delilah, love reading the blog and your comments, and want more ownership in shared topics and stories.  So, you will start to see some tiny revisions to the blog over the course of the coming weeks.


To back track and kick off our ode to Summer 16, let’s dive right in.  In the past, our summer trips are to the beach.  Actually, all of our trips whether summer or winter are to a tropical location.  Clint and I found years ago if we stay up really late and plan early enough you can find great deals on tropical vacations.  This summer, our trip involved a 12 hour drive in which we ended up at Disney.  This summer, Lucy chose our family vacation.  Lucy’s travel field hockey team played in a 4 day tournament at Disney’s ESPN Zone.  When Lucy heard about a trip to Disney, with a side of field hockey involved, she jumped at the opportunity. Most of the summer, up until we left at the end of July, was taxing her around to practices and games in preparation for the tournament.

Most of the summer involved lounging by the pool and actually going to a job to pay for this amazing life we have. Me actually going to work and Clint getting a “honey do” list done.  Remember he is a teacher so he gets to stay home with the girls in the summer.


While we were driving Lucy all over town, Delilah was driving herself to work. She worked a lot this summer.  I am so proud of her.  She is learning valuable lessons in work ethic and money does not grow on trees. She is working so much because, as a family we decided it would be best for her to pay for her car and car insurance.  While I realize we will get some parents who will give us the stink eye for this, I find that it works for our family. Delilah, did not just work all summer she, also got to take an amazing 3 week road trip out to Colorado.  As part of the “revamp” of the House of Hazel, she is going to write about her experience road tripping it across America.



I had every intention of diving into our Disney trip, but Disney is a big topic to tackle in a paragraph or two.   Make sure to check back in Thursday when I promise to discuss our Disney trip.

I want to hear how you spent your summer. Make sure to comment of your favorite 2016 summer memory.


As Always,

Melissa Gayle

3 thoughts on “Ode To Summer 16′

    • thehouseofhazel says:

      Thank you for the well wishes, but I am on the mend. 🙂 Delilah had an amazing trip out west and I can’t wait to publish her post. Stay Tuned 🙂


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