Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

Yikes, time is flying by, and May is almost over.  I have been super busy with work and kiddos.  I know, excuses, excuses… Anyhow, I can not let May go by without my May’s Stitch Fix review.  Again this month, I loved all the pieces, my stylist, Kimberly picked out for me.  She is really doing a great job.

If you are a Stitch Fix newbie here is how it works:

  •  Sign up via the app or go directly to the Stitch Fix siteon your desktop.
  •   I completed a style quiz and answered detailed information like my size, height, occupation, how often I dress up for events and my favorite brands of clothing. To complete my style profile, I uploaded myPinterest board Fashionista.
  •  I scheduled the Stitch Fix box to arrive based on my time frame. I am currently signed up to receive a Stitch Fix box monthly.  You can sign up to receive a box yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly.  It is all based on your preference.

Cost of Stitch Fix

  • There is an initial $20.00 styling fee. The $20.00 is applied to purchase.
  • If you do not keep any of your Stitch Fix pieces you will not be refunded your $20.00.
  • Shipping is FREE. My favorite four letter word.

Let’s get to it-

May 2016 003May 2016 001

Le Sample// Gloria Hi-Lo Blouse (above)- This tank is great for work or a weekend outing.  I knew this tank would look great with the white pants Kim sent me in a previous fix. Of course, I kept the blouse.

Margaret M//Emer Printed Straight Let Pant(above)- paired with the Gloria Hi-Lo Blouse, per Kimberly’s suggestion- the print is fun, the color is fun and over all I am a fun person so I kept the pants.

Fun2Fun//Walden V-Neck Blouse (below)- It is the perfect blouse for a skirt or jeans.  I love the small v-neck collar.  Again, I could not help myself so I kept this blouse.  On a side note I am not sure why I am pushing my chest out. What a weird pose.


Pixley//Panorama Henley Blouse (below)- I had to send something back, otherwise I would put us the poor house.  This blouse got sent back, not because I did not like it but, because it reminded me of a picnic table cloth.

Dolce Vita//Ross Suede Wedge (below) This was my first pair of Stitch Fix shoes.  I was  excited about getting the shoes.  After trying them on, I decided they were not a look for me or my feet. I just did not feel like I could pull that wedge look off.  Plus my husband doesn’t like me wearing anything that would make me taller than he is (which is anything other than a flat or flops).

May 2016 012


Since signing up with Stitch Fix and Trunk Club I am most certainly one overdressed mom on the field hockey sidelines. Who cares, I love all my new looks and styles.

Let me know what you think.

As Always,

Melissa Gayle