Delilah’s top 5 : Traveling out West.

Per my posts the past couple of weeks, I am taking a day off and this post is brought to you by none other than Delilah.  If you have questions about her travels make sure to email or comment.   I hope you enjoy.  – Melissa

Hello as most of you know I am Delilah, my mom has asked me to write something for her blog. With summer coming to a close I thought I would write about the trip I took across the country with my Dad and sister (Avery).

My top five favorite things that I saw while traveling over 1500 miles out West were:

I love taking pictures of sunsets.  I have enjoyed watching beautiful sunsets everywhere I’ve traveled. There was something about this particular sunset in Kansas that grabbed my attention.  Did you know, a fun fact I learned in Science class, “By the time you see the sun set, it’s actually gone.”  Who knew?!


I love pizza almost as much as I love sunsets.  In Kansas I got to enjoy both. I saw the first original Pizza Hut at Wichita University, Kansas. I am not sure how they make pizzas in a tiny place.


You have not lived until you have been inside a whale. This beautiful, big blue whale is in Catoosa, OK.   We got to Catoosa, by driving on the famous Route 66.   If you want to read more about my friend the blue whale, click here.


The mountains, rivers and valleys in Colorado are beautiful and amazing.  We were able to drive up this particular mountain, so no hiking here.   Yes, I know I am paler than Casper the ghost.


My top favorite thing,  was to play in snow in July. Wait! Snow in July??!! Yes, Colorado has snow in July.  Yikes. The snow is fun, but I was happy to come back home and play in the pool.